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gender roles in families in Iraq compared to the United States

Exploring Gender Roles in the United States of America and in Iraq

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This will explore the differences between the gender roles attending the typical American family and those attending that of a common Iraqi family . In doing so , a non-exclusive list of influencing and determining factors will be presented in to better understand how the differences came to be . These factors include the degree of egalitarianism between the opposite sexes which in turn is highly determined by overarching components such as customs , laws , traditions

and public policies governing and influencing the activities of society After exploring these differences between the families , an analysis of whether or not the subject matter of this is of a relatively valid and critical concern or should be so . This said analysis will be undertaken in to pinpoint issues of vital importance , if there are any . Finally , a presentation of the current debate on the subject matter will be laid out , with the end goal of drafting , or at the least predicting what possibly will make good future policies to regulate the respective situations in the United States and Iraq as regards the issue of gender roles within the context of the family


Experts from different fields of the social sciences have recurrently used ideal-types in attempts to describe representative samples of different communities to the end of implying that their sample populations are truly representative of their subject population However , at this point , this writer would like to forewarn the reader that ideal-types can only describe so much . Traits may cluster and assume a semblance of representativeness , but in a society drastically differentiated by politics , religion , ethnicities (such as Iraq , such representativeness is rather difficult to achieve , especially if one uses second-hand materials for his sources . Hence , the reader is advised to keep in mind that what follows is , at best , an overview of the at hand , and in no way a comprehensive elucidation upon the matter

Fundamental Commonality

Before the tackling the differences between the two groups , mentions should first be given to the commonalities between the two . Not many commonalities can be observed at the level of higher life stages (i .e young adulthood and adulthood ) but a major gender expectation is common in both societies . This common gender expectation is rooted on the biological and physiological composition of males and females . In both American and Iraqi families , the eventual gender roles played by males and females are greatly influenced by their respective physical make-up their physiological strengths and weaknesses as actual physical differences between males and females may play a role in attitudes toward the growing child 's cognitive development (Anastasi , 1985 However , as will be seen later , this notion of inherent differences between boys and girls is highly debatable and others have opined this to simply be a gender myth . Also , as between the American and the Iraqi societies --- and expectedly , in other societies as well , the determining...

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