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What is gamelan?

The country of Indonesia has a very rich culture . It is a culture that is characterized by ethnicity and diversity , which is best exemplified by its people and the arts . In terms of music , the most remarkable aspect of Indonesian art is the gamelan . What is the gamelan ? Why is it such a crucial part of Indonesian culture

A gamelan is a type of musical ensemble from Indonesia typically featuring a variety of instruments ( Gamelan . In fact , it is the main element of the Indonesian traditional music ( Indonesian Gamelan . This ensemble consists

of gongs , drums , flutes , bowed and plucked strings ' xylophones , and metallophones ( Gamelan Sometimes , vocals are included ( Gamelan . The word gamelan ' is derived from gamel ' a Javanese word that means to strike or hammer ( Gamelan . It also includes the suffix an ' which gives the word its collective reference ( Gamelan . The word gamelan is the identification of the said instruments , not the musicians who play them ( Gamelan

Each gamelan is distinct from all the others ( Indonesian Gamelan The difference lies in the instruments themselves , as well as the usage of voice and tunings ( Gamelan . The repertoire , style and the cultural milieu in which it is situated are also considered . Gamelan ensembles in courts are usually characterized with a specific style Despite the difference , all gamelans are organized the same way the groups of instruments have their own assigned purposes ( Indonesian Gamelan . These instruments form a cohesive whole each instrument is created and tuned as a part of the unit . Thus , an instrument that belongs to one gamelan cannot be used as a part of another . Since a gamelan is a unified group of several instruments , it requires a group performance . A gamelan performance therefore leaves no room for the individual display of talent ( Indonesian Gamelan

Originally , gamelan music is used within formal events only , such as ritual ceremonies and performances for the royal family ( Indonesian Gamelan . In the rituals , gamelan is the accompaniment to the dances ( Indonesian Gamelan . At present , the gamelan still retains its traditional purpose , but now it is also played at less formal occasions as concert music ( Indonesian Gamelan . Moreover , the gamelan is stored in varied locations , from formal venues such as courts and temples to common places like schools and homes ( Indonesian Gamelan . It is also crucial to emphasize that the gamelan offers many opportunities for people to acquire jobs it guarantees the livelihood of musicians and gamelan manufacturers ( Indonesian Gamelan

Gamelan can be found in different islands in Indonesia , such as Madura Lombok , Bali and Java ( Gamelan . The last two islands are where the most popular types of gamelan are found ( Indonesian Gamelan . In other Asian countries , there also are ensembles which resemble the gamelan . This may is partly due to emigration , historic trade or diplomacy ( Gamelan . A great example of an instrument which follows the gamelan tradition is the kulintang , which is found in the Philippines ( Gamelan

There are numerous instruments included in the gamelan , the most prominent of which would be the percussion...

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