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final exam

p Running head : Final Examination


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How do business-to-business or organizational markets differ from consumer markets ? How do these differences affect marketing strategies Business-to-business differs from consumer markets in many ways consumer market research deal with buying behavior of individual customer . While business-to-business marketing probes the markets for products traded by one business to another . Business-to-business customers usually have dealings which are likely to be larger and procurements occur as a

result of the resulting demand Business-to-business customer are better informed as compared to consumer markets and required ample of information before making procurements of goods . Business-to-business customers are most of the time concerned with quality , services and price . It is the in the same sequence as mentioned above . While for the consumer markets it may differ . In my opinion I do not think there is much of a difference in marketing strategies as Business-to-business customer buys for the end users not for them self , so if marketing activities are aimed at individual direct and a demand is created then it will all have a positive impact on the Business-to-business customer

What is product positioning ? What do marketers mean by creating a brand personality ? How do marketers use perceptual maps to help in developing effective positioning strategies

Product positioning is a course of action by which marketers try to craft an illustration or uniqueness in the minds of their consumers for its HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Brand " \o "Brand " brand or organization . It also portrays the image developed and retained in the mind of the consumer . Brand personality is a characteristic of a brand that develops with the passage of time . Characteristics such as hope , constancy , sympathetic , and compassionate etc are defining attributes of brand personality . For instance Johnson Johnson associates feelings of warmth , caring , loving etc to be related to its product . This is the brand personality or one can say it the human perception in the mind of the customer . In this case for me , when ever I hear the name brand Johnson Johnson I feel these warm sensations encompass me . Which are aroused naturally as I recall the products image in its advertisements and positioning the product in such a manner creates feelings of warmth , gentleness and tenderness , which is a requirement to construct an emotional appeal with the target market . As the stronger the emotional bond is present between the brand and the consumer there will be more chance to guarantee loyalty from the consumer 's side

What are some reasons a firm might determine it should expand a product line ? Why are some reasons for contracting a product line ? Why do so many firms have a product mix strategy

There are multiple reasons why a firm should expand its product line as having multiple product lines may allow a business to spread its risk over several product rather then depending on one product . It is a known...

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