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Paper Topic:

4. What is federalism? Explain how it has changed over time in the US.

Running Head : Federalism






Federalism is a form of political system whereby the powers are divided between to powerful body either the central or constituent political unit . In this case powers are usually delegated to the lowest powers in the society . Power is shared between the state and the national government which result to creation of federation . There are two major systems of federalism in United State which are quite significant . These are dual and cooperative . Federal government in United State has undergone

many changes since 1787 where it has two political theories which dominate it . Initially the government was organized by dual federalism . It has its own constitution which governs it and it only hold jurisdiction if it is granted by the constitution . Power is greatly emphasized on state and federal government is granted less power as per constitution

Cooperative federalism is the second form of government which is under the federalism (United State constitution online , 2008 . United State changed from dual to cooperative federalism but initial one is not completely dead . This shift was quite steady despite the fact that it was slow . Most people argue that dual federalism is quit good for governing people since it brings them closer to the government . Despite the fact that the cooperative federalism is the most appealing and the one which is applied there is a small degree of dual federalism in united state

Therefore the changes that have occurred in federalism in United State over time are that it has changed from the dual federalism to cooperative federalism and these are the ones which have dominated the government of United State


United State constitution online , 2008 , Constitutional Federalism , Retrieved from

HYPERLINK "http /www .usconstitution .net /consttop_fedr .html http /www .usconstitution .net /consttop_fedr .html




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