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families and religion

br 20 November 2007

Reconstructing the Idea of Family

Society mostly prescribes the type of role people are tasked to play in the workplace , at school , and fundamentally , at home . The following s addresses the various societal norms associated with families and alternative ideologies offered against such strictures

Weaving Work and Motherhood

Anita Garey discusses the type of role women are consigned to when they enter motherhood . She writes that under the orientation model of family and work , women are pigeonholed into 'occupations ' which asks them to prioritize child care

and domestic concerns before career or paid employment or to pick one over the other "For men , employment and family are not portrayed as inevitably detracting from one another . For women , work and family are represented as oppositional arenas that have a zero-sum relationship . the dominant culture portrayal of work and family for women in the United States classifies women as either work oriented or family oriented (Garey 1999 : 241 . This concept is largely evident in the distribution of parental obligations of mothers and fathers . The conventional notion of a 'working mother ' and that of a regular mom is made explicit in the use of the term 'working ' A term which appears to imply that a mother who stays at home to take care of her children and the household isn 't actually engaging in any full-time work whereas a 'working mother ' is perceived as someone who is employed in a full-time job outside of the household , but at the end of the day , will still need to pick up after household chores , child care , domestic concerns , and so on

Fathers on the other hand , are not referred to as 'working fathers The use of such a term is considered redundant because men are naturally perceived to be the family 's 'breadwinner ' or financial provider but on the other hand , aren 't as expected and obliged to share domestic responsibilities with their counterparts

Garey proposes that we turn away from this traditional man-made concept and consider the alternative . Women are capable of participating in both domestic work and employment and these seemingly contrasting occupations are not at odds with each other . The weaving of work and motherhood acknowledges the well-known fact that women are capable of multi-tasking , and in turn , should be able to balance whatever the odds of combining career and house work may be . They shouldn 't be categorized into labels such as 'working mother 'family oriented mother 'work oriented mother ' and so on , because such terms fail to address the encompassing characteristics of motherhood . And because the integration of motherhood and work employment , will not result in a 'zero-sum relationship

Family Rituals and the Construction of Reality

Various rituals and traditions dictate and define beliefs and ideologies among families . Traditions also mirror societal norms that exist and abound among these particular group of people . In the film 'Home for the Holidays ' for instance , the common tradition of families gathering for a Thanksgiving feast is illustrated as an avenue...

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