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fairy tales


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Fairy Tales

Pinocchio is the classic story of a toy maker and the toy that he created that came to life . In addition to this , it is considered a classic in the literature amongst children and one of the most read books , actually ranking second following the book entitled The Betrothed ' by Manzoni . Carlo Lorenzini was the author of Pinocchio who uses the pen name C . Collodi . The author wrote Pinocchio out of inspiration and also out of necessity since he was desperately

in need of money at that time

Pinocchio was published in Rome in the year 1881 and months or years after that , children of all ages are already familiar with the story of Pinocchio , the little hero and naughty wooden puppet who was exceptional because of his ability to talk or speak , move and walk around . Pinocchio even think for himself , on his own free will and could say anything that he wanted without the help of his creator . The only problem is that every time a lie is uttered by his lips , his nose would extend or grow longer . The more lies he told , the longer his nose would grow (Collodi 1904

Pinocchio , the puppet without strings , took a lot of youthful shenanigans after being carved by Geppetto . Even in the form of a simple firewood , it had already the enthusiasm and the youthfulness within him He even asked not to be turned into a leg of a little table . The story of Pinoccho takes a lot of wild adventures since it was done by the author in installments . The story of Pinocchio was tried to be placed in films in the year 1936 . It was suppose to be an Italian animated feature film , entitled The Adventures of Pinocchio , but it was not finished due to some complications or problems that were not solved

By the year , 1940 , Walt Disney adapted the story of Pinocchio and made it into an animated film which was self titled as Pinocchio . The plot of Pinocchio under Walt Disney was simplified . The wild adventure that Pinocchio had gone to was pared down , though greatly putting faith into the original story created by C . Collodi . Pinocchio under Walt Disney had a lot of memorable characters , like Jiminy Cricket , Figaro who was playful or frolicsome feline , Cleo the alluring and sensational gold-fish , Mostro the whale and the Blue Fairy who gave life and help Pinocchio . The antagonists were also unforgettable , such as Worthington Foulfellow and his sidekick Gideon , who was a feline . In addition to this , there was also Stromboli , who was another puppet master , but a greedy one . He wanted to get Pinocchio , the one considered as the puppet without strings ' so bad that he is willing to pay or give a great amount of money or reward (Stortoni-Hager , 1996

The adventures of Pinocchio were less in the movies as compared to that of the published story . Details in the movie were a little bit...

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