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What factors will (or should) influence a firm’s pricing strategy?

Performance is consistent and monitored because the use of the web services as one 's system interface (Gen , 2008 . Security is enhanced through centralization of data only that one losses control over sensitive data . Sustainability is achieved via enhanced utilization of resources , carbon neutrality and efficient systems (ZDNet , 2007

Much of the computing infrastructure consists of services delivered via data centers and embedded on servers at varied levels of virtualization technologies . The cloud is the central point of access supplying all the computing needs to the clients . Therefore the architecture comprises of

br infrastructure systems such as storages , servers and networks which economical scale to large volumes in a granular fashion . The application software disseminates the web based UIs , multi-tenant architecture and web services APIs together with rich configuration options . The Application deployment and development software supports the integration , development and runtime execution of the cloud software The Application and System management software supports increased self service provisioning , usage monitoring and configuration . The IP Networks connects the end users to the central cloud and its infrastructure components , leveraging the network embedded technologies in turn increasing security , quality of service and optimize the application delivery (Johnston , 2008

IV . Key Concepts


Virtualization is the methodology or framework of dividing or splitting the computer resources into several execution environments , through the application of one or more technologies or concepts such as software and hardware partitioning , complete and partial machine emulation simulation , time sharing , and quality of service . This concept of virtualization is related to synergistic paradigms . The PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine ) is package that enables the heterogeneous collection of windows / UNIX computers that are connected together via a network to be utilized as a single large parallel computer . Virtualization is a very broad term that referred to platform virtualization , full virtualization , paravirtulization , partial...

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