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factors that contributed to the industrial development of the United States between 1816 and 1845.

Factors that Led to the Industrial Development of the United States 1816 - 1845

The industrial development of the United States from 1816 to 1845 was dramatic and incredibly expedited . This leads many in the modern era to look back to examine what factors contributed to such growth and expansion . There were many factors and the most important are worth noting

In the previous century , the United States was mostly a farming based economy . While farms would still remain a major component of the economy in the 1800 's , the development of

factories (Particularly in the north greatly expanded the industrialization of the nation . Even in farming communities , scaled down ' automated systems would dramatically alter society . The development of cigarette rolling machines , for example helped increase cigarette production (and tobacco farming output enormously

Another major contributing factor to the development of industry was the great expansion of transportation . In particular , the creation of the railroad system would essentially make interstate commerce and industrialization expand far more rapidly than it would without the railroads . Also contributing to this facet of industrialization was the development of turnpikes and canals . Really , the expansion of transportation methods had significant impact in the industrialization of the United States

Urbanization was also a factor in the industrial development of the United States . Basically , metropolitan areas had become enormously crowded due to the need for a huge labor force in the textiles industry Eventually , this led to sanitation problems which soon led to innovations in maintaining sanitation and...

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