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Paper Topic:

to what extent is your understanding of immigration dependent on images from popular culture? Cite specific examples to support your response.

My understanding of immigration is severely influenced by the media and popular culture . Mostly the influence stems from movies and television series that portray immigrants from being the struggling class in society to being the greatest influencers of popular culture today

The first idea of influence from popular media , particularly in the movies , is that gangsters central to the films are Irish , Italian and Jewish Americans who were members of the races that migrated to the United States in the earlier years . The second idea of immigration I have stems from the

image of Puerto Rican and Mexican migrations to the United States who have become the cause for cheap labor , a new form of gangster group , and are partly responsible for the spreading of mainstream hip hop culture along with the black minorities . Finally Asian immigrants are often seen as the geeks and punks of Hollywood being portrayed either as brains with no brawn or brawns with no brains and as the progenitors of new age thinking

For white immigrants such as the Irish , Italians and Jews , it is easy to see them play roles in gangster movies especially in the first half of the 1900 's . They were central to the ethnic bad guy ' theme that graced the cinemas , stage performances , comics , and even magazines in the day . They were often portrayed as double agents and having their own gangster ' language . Such movies still live on today and one of the most popular and a well-awarded movie most...

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