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explain a job or skill or process that you learn from experience

br There Is No Need To Enroll In Cooking School To Learn How To Cook

Some people say you can learn any skill or process that will help you become good at your job only if you go to school in to specialize in such fields . Although this may be true for the professional fields such as medicine , Engineering , and others-- the truth is that there are still certain skills and processes out there that do not need any formal training in for a person to be good at the job . Sometimes , a

person can be excellent at a job , skill , or process simply because they were born into it or born with that gene dominant in their system . One of the fields that this theory can hold true is in the field of cooking Everybody gets hungry , therefore everybody can cook and it does not require a degree from the Culinary Arts Institute to be able to cook All it takes it hunger , ability , and taste buds to develop a persons cooking skills . One does not need to be a world certified cook in to be able to handle himself in the kitchen area

As you progress in reading this , you will come to realize that we are all born cooks and just do not realize it . We are all born with the basic instincts for cooking just like we are all born with the basic instinct for hunger . We all have to deal with hunger at daily points in our lives . We have to cook in to remove that hunger pang but we do not need to be culinary cooks in to accomplish that task . The equation is really simple HUNGER RAW FOOD COOKING . That is something we all understand and can accomplish in manners that range from simple to exotically complicated

Learning how to cook is something that we observe from childhood Whether we know it or not , we spend a lot of time growing up in the kitchen because that is where most of a mother 's day is spent . Where she is doing an activity that unbeknownst to her , shows us how to execute a survival skill . Cooking . While she cooks what will become our favorite family dishes in the future , we are building our knowledge base of basic cooking terms and methods . This is the time when we learn how to boil water and poach and egg so to speak . Yes , if you can boil water you can cook

One can say that cooking is a family tradition instead of a skill or job that one learns by attending formal education . Family cooking styles and dishes are shared by generations and passed on to the next who add their own personal touches to traditional family method . This by the way is the reason that most people seem to be excellent cooks even without attending a single formal cooking class or reading a cook book

Cooking is something that is in the taste buds . If a person loves to eat , he learns to determined the various collaborating tastes that make a dish worth the time it takes to cook it . Using his discerning tongue he can try to duplicate the taste of a particular dish until he gets the right blend that he feels agrees with him . It is the taste buds that makes a great for a great cook . No amount of classes and recipes will turn a person into a great cook if he is taste-blind

In to prove my point , I would like to refer you to the case of one of the most popular female cooks on television today . I speak of Ms Rachel Ray , who , without any formal training , has managed to become one of the most respected women in the field of cooking even though she is frowned upon by the formal cooking establishment

Ms . Ray embodies what real cooking is all about , cooking is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable activity that does not require any complicated methods or ingredients . A meal does not always have to be a culinary feast , but , even if you are only making a turkey sandwich , it has to taste good . She proves that simple , easy to prepare meals can be done by even the most basic cook whose only claim to cooking fame is that she can make a mean taco salad . Cooking school can only teach a person the basics of recipes and train them in cooking methods . Things that a person can easily learn by observing how food is prepared for the family during gatherings or holidays . Cooking is something that a person learns through personal experience and a lifetime of cooking hits and misses Although it will a lot if a person comes from a family that loves to cook and has a personal love for cooking , it does not necessarily mean that a person who burns microwaveable popcorn will be a bad cook and needs formal education or training in to improve

Sometimes , cooking is simply a matter of having an active imagination and sense of smells . You cannot get that from training or education , you are born with that sense . It is a basic sense that we all have that allows us to produce edible tasting meals . People who come from families that enjoy cooking seem to have the most active of these senses and it serves the well when their turn to cook meals comes

Like I said , cooking is a skill we are all born with . It is written into every male and female DNA and simply needs to be activated at the right time . The only problem is that we hve been unduly influenced by television too which is why we think that unless we attend formal classes or training in cooking , we do not really know how to cook Nothing could be further from the truth . If you can read and follow a recipe book , have a chopping board , use a knife , and light a stove , you can cook . People who attend cooking school and complete formal training are usually those who want to take their cooking skills a step further in the direction of becoming a restaurant owner or something in the related field...

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