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evaluation of the iPhone as a new product

Evaluation of the iPhone as a New Product

The iPhone was launched by Apple on June 29 , 2007 after much speculation by the market . The product is an internet connected with a multi-touch screen . It also has a 2 mega pixel camera and a media player which is an equivalent to the company 's most successful `ipod ' music player . The iPhone was introduced in America initially and soon received the award of 2007 Phone of the Year by Times Magazine . The dimensions of the iPhone are : 11 .6mm thick , 2 .4-inches wide , and

4 .5-inches tall . It has a QWERTY virtual keypad for text messages you can listen to music and go through audio books , watch movies and conference call among other things . The phone allows you to view WebPages in their normal HTML format as it supports a rich HTML email client as well as the Safari Browser . The phone also has a built in Wi-Fi system . The phone also has built in sensors which detect how the person is holding the phone and adjust the screen accordingly . The storage space available in different models is from 4 GB to 8 GB . The battery has a life of 5 hours for talk time and up to 16 hours for audio playback (Mobile Whack

The competitive advantage the phone had over other phones been that when launched it was one of its kind , a multi touch screen and it had an ipod . Other features that the iPhone had were almost...

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