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essay on stroke


Introduction - A Rationale to Justify the Study of Strokes

Strokes are a concern to nursing as they are a relatively common precursor for those that require nursing . This is primarily due to the diverse nature of the after effects of strokes , in which language loss , frustration , afflictions to cognitive function alongside a general need for medical expertise and assistance occurs (Kutner et al , 2010 Furthermore , the extent of nursing has been found to be successful to stroke victims as they generally require assistance in acclimatising to their new condition , if

not overcoming the disabilities that the condition has brought about . This makes the nursing of stroke victims a relatively positive and rewarding one as positive results can be achieved . Due also to the commonality and diversity of the subsequent affliction , the study of strokes is an appropriate subject for the of nursing . Another aspect of nursing in relation to strokes and stroke victims is the way in which the multi-disciplinary aspects of the health service come into place . This is relative owing to its contemporary nature , as many health service institutions have turned to interdepartmental and multi-disciplinary techniques to assist in health care practice . Unlike some other subjects involved in nursing , the nursing of stroke victims brings about a large proportion of such inter-disciplinary measures , relating to many of the academic schools For example , psychological , functional , biological , sociological familial and medical issues are all associated with strokes and the rehabilitation of stroke victims . The practices that have to...

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