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Program Planning Importance

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Program Planning Importance

In to plan for an effective program to be conducted , there are some important matters which are to be considered before planning such as the importance of knowing the advantages and disadvantage of documenting the mission statement , goals , and program objective for the program 's target population

The advantage of doing such task when it comes to creating a program plan is that (1

) setting the mission makes it easier for the planners to create their goals (2 ) set mission serves as a framework for the goals that the organization wanted to achieve (3 ) goals provide a clear definition of the results that a certain organization wanted to come up with (4 ) mission , goals , and objectives help motivate the organization as a whole (5 ) creating a documentation for this task will enable a certain organization to effectively evaluate their end result if it meets the set desired achievements ADDIN EN .CITE Florida3University of Central FloridaProgram Assessment Handbook2005Januar y 9ucf .eduhttp /iaaweb .ucf .edu /oeas /acad_prog_assess_handbook .pdf (Florida , 2005

On the contrary , the disadvantages of this system in a certain program is that (1 ) the organization will be focused on the set mission , goals and objectives (2 ) the organization will not be able to be flexible with their alternatives if their plans won 't work out whenever their set mission , goals , and objectives turned to be ineffective and (3 ) every set goal , mission , and objectives directly reflect the result of the program ADDIN EN .CITE Florida3University of Central FloridaProgram Assessment Handbook2005Januar y 9ucf .eduhttp /iaaweb .ucf .edu /oeas /acad_prog_assess_handbook .pdf (Florida , 2005

Program Planners should be concerned with those constructed goals /objectives that have been developed by the health care professionals only to be able to improve and ensure the health effects of the program towards the population involved . This is to make it sure that the program planned is near to a 100 or 100 free from such violence possibilities , social threats , diseases , and all other factors which could affect or influence the health problems to emerge ADDIN EN .CITE MMWR3 MMWRFramework for Program Evaluation in Public Health1999January 9http /www .cdc .gov mmwr /preview /mmwrhtml /rr4811a1 .htm (MMWR , 1999

Inferring such goals and objectives from a health care professional 's evaluation or preference before ever applying them in a certain program planning will serve as a guide or standard in for the program planning to be clearer and logical in terms of public health strategies By preferring a goal /objective which is constructed or evaluated by a healthcare professional , the program planned will serve as a help and community health friendly program which basically promotes the program itself and the health safety of the community or the population involved in the program planned . This kind of goal or objective will therefore define the true meaning of achievement by means of successful vision mission...

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