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Personal Statement

My academic background , which has been both varied and informed by different academic settings , has seen my succeeding as a student in South Korea , Guam , and Seattle . Because of the nature of my father 's job , I have had the rare opportunity to study and to learn in a variety of different educational settings with a variety of different intellectual approaches and cultural influences . My family and I arrived in Seattle from Guam in 2003 the family 's collective goal was to relocate in to find better educational opportunities for

my younger brother and myself . Though I had taken piano lessons for many years , I decided to pursue piano as a hobby while I devoted more attention to working part-time in to finance my studies . As a student in Seattle , I soon learned that music and psychology were my passions and my music professor truly seemed to respect my musical ability and constantly encouraged me to pursue my musical interests Taking my professor 's advice , two years ago on Christmas Eve , a Korean woman 's association had a party to raise money for a charity organization . Needing some form of entertainment , they invited me to perform a piece of music on stage during dinnertime . I played Schubert 's impromptu op 90 . Eb major . I was nervous but on the other hand I felt delighted and hoped it wouldn 't be the last performing in public and for a worthy charitable cause . Music , in sum , allows me...

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