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Question 1 : What are some special issues that arise in Internet transactions ? What should business managers do to protect their organizations in Internet transactions

Possible fraud , unauthorized use , and credit card theft can arise in any Internet transaction ( The Nature of High Risk Credit Card Processing ' Whenever a person with a card is not present , the risk of being swindled increases significantly . In addition , even the card owner could come back later and claim they did not get the goods , or were dissatisfied with services rendered just to get their money back

. Having trackable shipping and enforced money-back policies can help combat these newer forms of fraud

Business managers can protect their organizations in Internet transactions in several ways . First , they can use a merchant account instead of PayPal . They can set their credit card acceptance technology to require the full credit card number and expiration date , including any CVV code from the card , and to ship only to the billing address Finally , for large transactions they may wish to require a notarized copy of a valid government photo ID

Question 2 : What special issues arise in international business transactions ? Identify two such issues and discuss what managers can do to minimize exposure to legal risk and uncertainty associated with these issues

When business transactions happen over national bs , the law is harder to enforce when it comes to hazardous deals , especially regarding the Internet ( The Nature of High Risk Credit Card Processing

When you are dealing with checks , money...

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