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The effect of religion, specifically Islam, on women in Indonesia

Rinaldo (2006 ) saw some incompatibility , she said many of the women she talked to argue that the Quran gives men and women equal rights , a claim that embeds rights deeply within Islamic texts . However , Rinaldo (2006 ) also found in the early 1990s , the Suharto regime and other Asian governments criticized the concept of rights as a Western imposition and that indeed , the idea of rights emerged as one of the most important discourses in the Indonesian democracy movement by the mid-1990s Suharto 's authoritarian policies caused people to react , so that the

br notion of human rights , or HAM , helped to unite students , feminists , and Muslim activists (Rinaldo , 2006 (Paraphrasing made

It could be argued that human rights are universal regardless of religion . Which means that education might have rally opened their eyes to benefits of their rights . The fact that authoritarian rule of Suharto must end , it must be that groups include then women who demanded change for human rights . They could presume to be greatly influenced by the Islamic Faith

Tool for organizing to reform Islam and society

Rinaldo (2006 ) said , The women I describe here are not simply using Islam as a tool for organizing , but endeavor to reform both Islam and their society . While SP , Rahima , and Fatayat envision a future in which more women serve as interpreters and teachers of Islamic texts in to correct past patriarchal biases , the Prosperous Justice Party hopes to produce moral believers who adhere to proper rules of conduct on an individual and collective level . Yet both visions are profoundly influenced by the Islamic revival and the new emphasis on piety and Islam as a way of life

Seeing Islam as way of life rather than as purely religion and the act they claim for more teachers would mean that for...

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