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education and learning






1 . The Nature of the Person

Human beings are born as tabula raza 's . This therefore means that the nature of human beings is that they have to be fed with information about their environment and their surrounding if they are to develop into social beings . This task falls squarely in the hands of parents peers and teachers . At the very beginning of childhood , parents and caregivers are the source of learning for the children and therefore whatever happens around the children at

this time is very important in determining what the children will grow up knowing

2 . The Nature of the Knowledge

The nature of knowledge is that knowledge is dynamic and it changes over time to suit the ever-changing needs of the human kind . Knowledge can be categorized into new knowledge and old knowledge . Normal human beings have an innate desire to learn new things throughout their life times . The responsibility of learning new knowledge is left to peers parents and teachers . Knowledge can be categorized into academic knowledge and knowledge for survival or in simple terms , life experience

3 . The Process of Knowing and Learning

The process of knowing and learning is a complex concept but it is usually designed around moving from single to complex . In other words human beings learn easy things first , then gradually difficult issues

4 . Nature and Purpose of Education

The nature of education is designed around different career aspirations such that there are those who pursue life sciences and those who pursue natural sciences . Therefore the nature of education one pursues is determined by the purpose the individual requires the education for as well as the innate ability of the individual and the opportunities accorded by the environment

5 . Purpose and Task of Schools

Schools are central points where learning takes place and they are because they pull together the necessary resources required for the process of knowledge acquisition and learning to take place Therefore the purpose of schools can be summed thus , Facilitation of human learning through teaching

6 . The Activity and Nature of Teaching

Teaching requires a good grasp of pedagogy which includes ability of teachers to set goals and objectives for the learning process . Teachers must set goals , which are Specific , Measurable , Attainable , Realistic and Timed (SMART . The activity of teaching involves teacher and learners creating a conducive learning environment usually in classroom and the activities include learner participation through asking questions , teacher instruction through demonstration , learner participation through role-playing as well as learner participation through listening

7 . Roles and Vocations of Teachers

The roles of the teacher are to facilitate knowledge acquisition to model the learners into responsible citizens , to impart knowledge to the learners , as well as to implement curriculum as provided for by the State . Teaching is a profession , which means that teachers should not be solely motivated by their earnings but rather motivated by the desire to see young people mature into responsible citizens

As such teachers are...

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