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How would drug legalization affect our economy? Could there be positive results? Or would our economy suffers if we legalized drugs?

: BENEFITS OF DRUG USE LEGALIZATION (Name (Grade /Course (Institution (Tutor 's Name

15th April 2008


Although the term drug may include medicine , drug in this context refers to chemical substances used in the wrong way to induce a feeling of highness or rather plainly said interferes with the functioning of the body functions more so the brain of the user . This problem has not only been persistent in the US alone but also in the whole world . Large numbers of Americans and their families suffer from the effects of drug

abuse and dependence , and it remains one of our most serious health economic and social challenges in this modern times (ONDCP , 2001 . As a result , federal , state , and local governments have invested substantial amounts of money over the past 35 years for prevention and treatment programs

The funny thing is that America seems to have the strongest regulations for drug use but it is the largest market for the same . Despite the commitment and high spending in this war , it has not been won and there are no signs of it ending soon . Such a scenario has prompted analysts and economists to evaluate the economic value of the fight against drug use which continues to use up a huge chunk of the taxpayers money . The debate has been whether to legalize or not to legalize drugs and the effect of the former on the economy as the latter 's impact on the economy has initiated this debate . So far the effect of drugs remaining illegal is widely felt with a lot of resources dedicated to the fight but still very little achieved . Is it time that we tried the other side of the coin after failure of the other one ? This discussion below looks at the benefits of legalizing drugs and the effect such a legislation on our economy


Drugs can either be used for medical or other private reasons . What makes a drug to be classified as illegal is usually based on its effect on the user and the wider community in general . In this the definition of drugs takes the form of









Benefits of drug legalization

No credible evidence shows that the numerous drug laws enactments and stringent enforcement by the anti narcotics police unit that there is any significant reduction in drug use while theses efforts seem to promotes the opposite . The problem persists due to lack of attacking the root problem but rather attacking supply without even raising a finger to demand . This phenomenon accelerates the epidemic as the suppliers of the drugs will simply move to another market that is not momentarily targeted by police . In the new markets are schools going kids who have no idea about drugs but will be tempted to try out as is common with the rebellious and adventurous nature of teenagers thereby making the first fateful step towards addiction

Economists have recently been complaining about the amount...

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