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How did the domestic policies of presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton reflect the rise of conservatism in American politics?

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] [ l 0 ] H ] ] v 4 4 4 4 l l How did the domestic policies of presidents Reagan , Bush , and Clinton reflect the rise of conservatism in American politics Conservatism commonly emanates from the domestic policies of republican administrations (Maisel 84 . This ideology finds reflection in fiscal policies that support the major role of state and local governments in domestic affairs with the federal government focusing on foreign relations , national defense , and federal legislative enactments

. Conservatism also means economic policies espousing minimal government intervention in business and economic growth via supply side economics by boosting production through capital access and tax breaks . Strong nationalist and religious values dominate conservative policies (84 . However , there are also democratic administrations with conservative policies Ronald Reagan was a republican when he became president and considered a conservative . His fiscal policies included the largest tax cuts to boost production , reduction in government spending on domestic areas , and concentration of expenditures on national defense (Light 243 . The stress on federalism and the role of the state government became stronger through community level solutions and private sector initiatives on social issues such as the drug problem (252 . Economic policies included loose or minimal regulation of the business sector such as removing price controls on domestically sourced oil and limiting the entry of imported automobiles from Japan to protect the local car industry...

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