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the making of a divorce culture

The making of a Divorce Culture

Divorce is now part of everyday American Life ' says Barbara Dafoe Whitehead on her essay entitled The Making of a Divorce Culture . From generation to generation families in the United States experience changes in terms of divorce . Different sect have their say on this social issues which affect every member of the family . Since family is considered as the basic unit of a society , people goes in favor and against divorce

The essay as a whole speaks for trends developed when it comes to divorce

. In the earlier years , people goes against divorce since the welfare of family members especially the children will be at stake Single parenthood is not well encouraged since the development of the livelihood and the children will be greatly affected . But the rise of cases regarding infidelity , abuse , drug addiction and violence made divorce more possible in reaching its legality . It has become culturally accepted rather than be trapped in a relationship where a house is no longer a home . In my experience , I have one classmate who came from a broken family . I am so into her since we are close friends . I understand how difficult it is to have a divorce parents . Every week she needs to go to her father 's house to spend some time with him and after a day or two she needs to go back to her mother 's house for schooling . The set up of a divorce family is never easy . Expenses are really high because there is only a single parent who earns for the living . Not all divorce couple supports their children financially . It is not only the relationship being affected but the economic condition and the personality of every individual involved in a divorce . However , I can say that based on my friend 's experience in its better to have legally divorce with your spouse than to spend your life with someone whom you are not really into anymore . Mutual understanding is necessary in every household

Divorce have met many changes when it comes to cultural acceptance . It has spread throughout advanced societies over a period of time . What is best and worst for an individual makes his or her own viewpoint on this br

The making of a Divorce Culture...

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