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disrespecting co=workers


An Undesirable Quality

Understanding How to Respect to

Avoid Being Disrespectful



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Respect is perhaps one of the initial virtues taught to any individual As a person living in a community , the aide of respect is a pre-requisite to be able to subsist in the light of socialism and harmoniously interact with other people . This form of virtue cannot be comprehended nor understand through readings and factual information alone

- it needs to be done , experienced and be consistently noted in any person 's daily handbook of attitude so as to evaluate whether a person 's act is flowing on the stream of respect or on the unethical state of the opposite

In the case of the academic perspective , student discipline and classroom management have always been a concern for teachers administrators , and teacher educators . Control has become a greater problem in the last half century , for troubling historical and sociological reasons that we do not attempt to explore here . Yet at the same time the problem has grown , and the public has become increasingly agitated , the educational dialogue about discipline and management has attenuated . This is why the drive for respect must be taken in full force in any entity or in any group - this saves lives even , not only for this immediate purpose , but for the future generation as well ADDIN EN .CITE LightfootSara Lawrence- LightfootRespect : An Exploration1st2000New York , NYPerseus Publishing (Lightfoot , 2000

Respect on the social context

Social psychology stresses that respect is the key to etiquette across all of the class and ethnic divisions as well as with the basis of gender . Apparently , to be able to gain respect from others , one must have dignity - a social equivalent of the term , rights ' - hence the receiving and granting leads to what is preferably called as friendship ' or interpersonal relationship . This kind of taking and receiving ' of respect is then characterized to be a vital factor in achieving a higher level of understanding with each other , and on the brighter side of the explanation , a form of contentment ' by which both of the individuals would later state as a form of acceptance

Further , respect does not come from facts or ideas or the exchange of such , it is how the person actually interacts with another in a manner wherein the other person does not pay high regard on what , who , or whatsoever it is the one has . In most cases , the virtue of respect helps a stranger identify a person 's personality . As philosophers state it , the idea of being accepted is considerably one of the highest achievements a person may have . It then proves the idea that individuals have the innate need of being respected ' in who he or she is , what he or she does , and of course , on what the other person preferably wants one to treat him or her

Mutual respect

Like trust , many people say that respect...

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