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1 ) Making a few small lifestyle changes has the potential of creating big effects on people 's health . Often times it is in the minute details in our lifestyle and attitude , and as such usually taken for granted that contributes to well-being and good health or the opposite . Making small changes is a better strategy since people tend to achieve a lot more when they take things one at a time rather than on making ambitious goals that usually turn out to be unrealistic . Goals ultimately become unrealistic when they are too big

or too huge because we end up expecting too much in terms of desired outcomes that it can lead to disappointment and frustration

Habits are automatic routines of behavior that are so deeply ingrained they are done repeatedly and oftentimes unconsciously by a person (Butler 1995 ) Small changes are ultimately related to habits because they compose most of our lifestyle including our health and nutrition choices . The state of our physical health , for instance , can be traced to particular eating and relaxation habits . The development of healthy eating patterns , for instance , would necessitate that we make small changes in our diet such as the inclusion of more fruits and vegetables or eating slowly and deliberately instead of rushing through breakfast or lunch . Likewise , we could benefit from taking up sports as a past time rather than engaging in sedentary activities such as watching TV Despite the fact that we often know what would make us healthy or unhealthy , however , our choices and decisions are influenced factors such as the dominant culture that makes it difficult to adopt even the smallest changes in our habits . Being in a consumerist culture that encourages impulse buying and consumption , for instance , makes it difficult for many people to wean themselves away from unhealthy food choices although they know it leads to potential weight problems and higher chances of developing heart disease . In the same way that smokers find it hard to quit when they remain in an environment that is populated by smokers , people will find it hard to change their habits when there are social and cultural reinforcements that encourage them to continue doing what they have been used to for so long

2 ) I agree with the idea that a small change can break the routine we are used to in our daily lives . We could all use a little change in our lives especially if it will contribute to a better health . This , of course , is a matter of choice and will power . Some people will find it hard to break away from the habit of ing a double bacon cheeseburger , with the ketchup , mayo and whatever else you choose to put on it ' and replace this with a healthier vegetable salad . The point about social and economic factors such as poverty illustrates why some people will find it more difficult to choose the healthier vegetable salad than others economic considerations will affect the choice between the eating...

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