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different cultures between saudi Arabia and United States



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Different Cultures Between Saudi Arabia and United States

Seeing as that I am a Saudi Arabian descent and living in the United States , I have been exposed to many misunderstandings , stereotypes , and invalid generalizations about my culture . There have been many instances in which I encountered stereotypes , mostly presented to the American public through various media types , which have limited Americans from realizing or seeking to comprehend more about my culture and heritage As Thomas Sowell points out one of the obstacles to understanding what

behavioral characteristics follow each group around the world is the widespread use of the term stereotypes ' to dismiss whatever observations or evidence may be cited as to distinguishing features of particular group behavior patterns (Sowell , 11 . From my perspective three beliefs that most 21st Century Americans have in regards to Saudis which are stereotypical are : 1 ) our women are submissive and have no voice or rights in our society , 2 ) Saudis are either fanatics or support terrorist activity in the name of religion , and 3 ) lastly each family in Saudi has its own oil well and therefore no other businesses are required

There are specifically two Saudi laws which Americans have heard about via the media which have formed American opinion about Saudi Arabia 's attitude towards women . The first law enforces that women must cover their hair and body with a black veil and garb . Another Saudi law which has been granted much media attention is that Saudi women are...

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