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To you, what are the differences between being a manager and being a leader?

manager and leader


Serious political and economical changes , which we experienced during the last 10 years , influenced not only psychology of a man , but basic tendencies of development in economical system as well . As a result of those changes , modern educational system must prepare managers , who will be effective in any enterprise . But the good manager should be a good leader , shouldn 't he ? Is it really a big difference to be a manager and to be a leader

First of all , `manager ' is a person , who has legal power

and usually regulates sphere of business relations , whereas `leader ' more often is informal person , who is the most influential individual in the sphere of emotional relations inside group . Leader can be the manager , but not always . A good manager should be a good leader (Stever Robbins ,


To be a manager , you need to have special skills , abilities and qualities . When you are a manager , you aren 't only a person , receiving tasks but you are a person , who should influence separate people and groups of people as well , stimulating them to work to achieve definite aim . He should act effectively , he should be a leader . Still , leader is a member of some group , who possesses the most valuable potential , which gives to him leading position in this group . First of all effective manager must show his qualities of leader

When manager becomes a leader , he executes his managerial functions (planning , organization , motivation , control , etc ) through the prism of informal leader . Leadership is the most significant component of manager 's activity , which relates to ability to motivate and influence behavior of some definite workers and working team as a whole . Skills of communication and personal qualities of manager , corresponding to external and internal demands of group , can be the instruments of such influence

Being a manager means using more formal way of organizing people whereas being a leader means having more emotional approach of influence (`The Difference ,

.1 . When manager gives s , people obey to him (because he has legal authority , whereas leader in the group unites people (they follow him or his ideas by their own will and choice Usually people are more loyal to leader , because he is more emotional

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