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differences in cultural conceptions of intelligence

The two cultures agree on using their native tongues for assessing intelligence of members of the said cultures . The English language is prevalently used in American schools on the other hand , Chinese characters are common in schools in China . The use of figures and characters in the latter language gives advantage to Chinese students in their spatial abilities whereas abstract thinking and imagination is inspired in American setting Therefore , a glaring contrast in tests given to American and Chinese students lies in the presence or degree of creativity and spatial skills

tests , respectively . As mentioned above , there is great advantage among Chinese with regards to spatial thinking skills which can be attributed to the use of characters and physical representations in their language On the other hand , emphasis is given on the use of alphanumeric characters in Western culture which partly results in abstract reasoning . This is why there are more tests dealing with creative thinking in Western than in Chinese culture . With regards to interpersonal skills , teamwork and collaboration is highlighted in the Western culture while in Eastern culture , the importance of excelling and being independent in to provide or be an example to other people takes precedence . In other words the difference lies in the Eastern focus on the self as exemplified in the Taoist tradition unlike the Western 's emphasis on unity . Therefore , Eastern culture test for how best to surpass one 's successes while Western culture evaluate a person 's ability to be productive within a group (Sternberg , 2007

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