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The difference between American and Saudi Arabian education system

Facilitating and increasing possibilities in education remains to be a focal concern among states as it serves as an instrument for development and growth . This is why many states spend a large amount of income and resources for enhancing education to meet the demands of the population in general and the current trends in today 's society

Though there may be similarities in the overall objective , governments apply different e and varied strategies to make such effort a possibility . This can be seen if the educational system of the United States and

Saudi Arabia be compared accordingly . Upon close observation one can see there are striking similarities and differences between the two . They are similar in terms of government spending on education freedom to choose the school where they will attend to , and education for people with special needs , while differ in terms of attitude towards education , literacy rate , religion in school , gender roles , grading scales , and stages of education (Stevenson , 2008 ,


One major difference between the two states revolves around the attitudes and views of the community surrounding education . Compared to the United States wherein students are expected to attend class in a mandatory manner , Saudi Arabia does not impose such standards on students and remains to be open on individuals who seek to learn (Stalinsky , 2008 . This in turn makes the system in United States strict and accountable towards creating educational policies

Another major difference is the statistics and numbers present as far as literacy rate...

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