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developing country report


Running Head : Country Report - Canada


Country Report - Canada


I .1 . Geographical

Geographically described , Canada is located in the north of North America . In the west it is bed by the North Pacific , in the East it is bed with the North Atlantic Ocean , in the North it is bed with the Artic Ocean and on the south it is bed with the United States regions . It has a kilometers and 9 million of them are land . That is somewhat larger than the

United States

In addition , the country has more lakes than any other countries in the world and it has a large amount of fresh water . Winter and summer temperatures across Canada vary depend on the regions . The coldest winter could be very cold with an average temperature of -15 degrees Celsius and the hottest summer could create an average temperature of 30 to 40 degrees of Celsius . The country is geologically active with active volcanoes and earthquakes (Wallace , 2002

I .2 . Income Level and Income Grouping

GDP per-capita is US 38 ,000 . Its growth level is also strong compare to other G7 companies . In the last 3 years Canada 's GDP has an average growth level of 2 .7 while Italy 's highest GDP growth number is only 2 . Most of the GDP in Canada is coming from the services sector , which is 69 , the rest is coming from industry and agriculture . Approximately...

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