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describing a waterfall


As you stand afar of from the Waterfall , you can not deny the excellence of the Creator of such a wonder that softens the earth , provides water for the soil and lets the tourist enjoy the beauty of nature . No wonder many people are fascinated by this work and it attracts an avalanche of humans from all fields of human endeavour who come for relaxation research or economic reasons

I stand a few miles for the body of water gushing out from the rock , as if there are expansile

pipes on the rock surface . It is simply interesting to know that water , mere fluid can come out from such a hard matter like rock . This is another wonder of nature : it could possibly have been easier to comprehend if the water falls appreciably slowly but this speed spreads the fragrance of the word to the point to that when you are even miles away , you are drenched as if within a water bath Really you don 't need to draw a few drops to your nose before you perceive the pleasant aroma exuding from this body of water . It gives a pleasant experience to be stand and watch the magnanimity of nature form the water falls

There is no better sigh of relief than that obtained in the drenched breeze of the Water Falls . The fall is a master fall that gives hope to the nearby tourist that for in every failure lies a lesson a lesson that leads the way to success after application to the circumstance that led to the failure . It is a great fall that lands heavily on the absorbent soil and flourishes nearby plants . It gives life to nearby organisms and facilitates the running of a stream...

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