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Paper Topic:

describe a positive or negative experience that you had in college and how you handled that experience

Negative Experience that Became a Positive Experience

My first year of school , I had a negative experience with another student . For most people , college is when they are able to experience their first adult relationship , yet most people are still making that transition from child to adult and are not able to handle all the responsibility that it brings . For me , it was not a relationship that brought problems , but the lack of a relationship that created those problems . Fortunately , what began as a negative experience ended as a positive experience and

confirmed the reason that I chose this college

I met a student in my first class of the semester during my freshman year . I am usually hungry when I go to school so I had some chocolates in my purse to take away some of the hunger . I did not want the chocolates to melt in my purse so I decided to give the ones I did not want away . One of the people who accepted my offer was an attractive man who was very talkative . Like most people are their first day of college , I did not talk a lot , but not only was he loquacious , but he was also quite nosy , which I did not care for

I did not think about him again until the next day when I went to my classes and he walked in and sat in front of me . I smiled a bit because this time I was relieved to see a familiar face . I warmed up to him and discovered that he was quite funny , but immature . Sometimes I would tell him something confidentially and he would blurt it out on purpose When I would ask why , he told me that I should stop being so sensitive and no one would believe him anyway . Our friendship continued though and I suspected that he wanted more . My suspicious were correct when he asked me if I was single during one of our conversations . I told him yes , but I had just begun dating someone . He started making comments about how we would be a great couple , but the comments worsened at the beginning of the spring semester

I had stopped dating the other man and once again , we had two classes together . He decided to sit next to me like he always did , and by this time we were both good friends , but there was still something that bothered me about him . For example , when he saw a female acquaintance and said hello to her , he yelled out , God why do you have to be an [expletive] ' when she did not reply . I noticed that it seemed like he enjoyed publicly trying to humiliate her . I asked him why he had to yell it out and he said because people should know what kind of person she is . He would also tell me , unprompted , of who he slept with and his marijuana habit . Both of which I found distasteful . In a...

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