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describe your educational plans and goals

Describe your educational plans and goals

My family immigrated to Hong Kong in the early 90s , about the time I finished kindergarten . I embraced Hong Kong like a long-lost sibling And like most siblings , she has influenced me in becoming who I am now

The Hong Kong education system enforces a lot of memorization . At that time , I hated it . Who would want to memorize a thousand names and places anyway ? But I was proven wrong . Only when I went to the US did I finally realize that enduring those long years of

memorization would prove useful to me . For two years of my college life , I am adapting well in school , despite the work load and the fact that I 'm an international student . My memorization skill has come in handy with all the information that I have to chew on . It has helped me digest all kinds of facts and figures that come with living in a foreign land . It is something that I know will be useful in my chosen field of international relations . Memorization will facilitate my learning of different nations in this global community of ours

At the same time , I love to read . There is a Chinese saying comparing reading to medicine , noting that it can cure foolishness . I know it is true . Before I memorize something , I have to read it first and what I enjoy reading most are historical stories . I chose to major in international relations precisely to be involved in creating history experience history . Reading a country 's history is one thing but being able to do something to enhance her condition - politically , socially emotionally , physically is something . There is something about history that draws me to it- the way we learn about our past , how it affects our presents , and if learnings from the past can guide us in the future . And if I can do that by being a diplomat , it will be a privilege

Hong Kong has a lot of international students . As such , I was exposed to different nationalities . This has helped my interaction with them enhancing my communication skills . When I came to the US , I became one but it hasn 't stopped me from forming a relationship with them . I am an international orientation leader in my school now . I talk on a daily basis with students from Honduras , Italy , Germany , Japan and Korea There may be cultural differences but I always try to set it aside and see them as me , a student in a foreign land . That way I am able to understand them , their pains , their joys , their questions , their fears for I experience them , too . It is , in a way , a stepping stone in becoming a diplomat

Hong Kong has helped me laid out a map on my education . Now , I 'm doing my part . With my US education , I know I 'm two steps ahead

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