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You decide Ethics


1 . The contract can be rescinded if there is a clause which stipulates that the contract has no provision for extension , and that it has to be delivered on time , and that failure can result in cancellation . If Big bank had informed about the stage of having completed four of the six conversions , prior to the expiry of the contract , perhaps there might have been stronger grounds for recourse . Big Bank only needs to prove that the loss of the and non payment for any work done

2 . Big Banks case

would be non- fulfillment of the contract . If there had some communication to Big Bank of the developments , it might have lessened legal action to only part of the work which was not finished The litigant would be successful in court , but the extent of damage would depend on how Systems Inc puts forward its case . Probably on the fifth point , where approvals were not authorized , systems Inc would be on weak grounds , as the fault is entirely their own . The sixth stage of development was held up due to the storm , and could be argued under force Majeure clause (circumstances beyond your control

3 . The fact that the fourth conversion was complete , but that the fifth conversion had been delayed due to wrong or insufficient data provided by Big Bank , can be the plank for representation that System inc was not entirely to blame...

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