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The death of a family member

The death of a family member is considered to be the most traumatic life experience . The fact of death has great influence on the mentality of every person . Shock is a fist reactions of a person on the dead news . People who experience this grief are often unable to make up their mind to such a loss . They do not want to believe that somebody from their family members will never be with them . They can not face with this devastated reality . The death of a family member is a whole life trauma

. Emotional reaction to death can be unpredictable . It is necessary to be ready to any reaction from relatives ' side whatever it may be . Death happens in different ways and depends on a variety of circumstances . It can be gradual , violent , sudden or even mystique Gradual death is closely connected with long-term illness like cancer for example . In such cases relatives know that their family member is ill and can die at any time . They are partly ready for this loss Sometimes family members must make difficult decisions concerning the maintenance of life-support systems . Gradual death almost does not have so called suddenness effect . It is predictable in most cases . That is why it is not so shocking . The same thing can not be said about sudden or violent death . In cases of sudden death (through accident suicide , murder or even sudden illness ) the remaining partner or family members will not have had time to anticipate the oncoming loss . This naturally leads to severe depression and shock . Hopelessness can also be a result of sudden death when remaining family members are forced to face the absence of a loved one immediately and without warning Horrific accident , murder , or suicide can even lead to life-threatening ' reactions on the part of other family members Mystique ' death is also very shocking . The disappearance ' of a child , for example , can create uncertainty among other relatives . While hopes may be kept alive , they are undermined by a fear of the worst that can produce serious depressive illness in family members . Any kind of the death of a family member will always be a considerable trauma for the rest of the family and other relatives

The Death of a Family Member...

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