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The dead butterfly by Denise Levertov

The dead butterfly by Denise Levertov

2007 'Everywhere among the marigolds the rainblown roses and the hedges of tamarisk are white butterflies this morning , in constant tremulous movement , only those that lie dead revealing their rockgreen color and the bold cut of the wings (Levertov , 1 . Rainblown roses and hedges of tamarisk are really beautiful as well as constant tremulous movement of butterflies . Denise Levertov , always silent and listening or standing behind the exhausting crowds in her trenchcoat she can be truly considered to be a bird of piece in the poetry

of the second half of the 20th century . Denise Levertov has always been and will always be a poetress whose loud protest is always present in her not so loud but always touching and burning poetry . One of her main mottoes was that any writer in his works can not be separated from the words he lives in and except proper artistic talent must always be aware of vital social and political problems of the reality . She always makes writer think about the smallest details of relaity described in her poetry , not just creating an image but creating a field of imagination in each detail of her brilliant verses . The Dad Batterfly ' is not a symbol of beautiful , dying piece of nature only but a symbol of piece among the horrible and dangerous war . Denise Levertov was a ardent opponent not of Vietnam war only (like she is awlays referred to ) but an opponent of any kind of voilence and hostility . Presicely the idea of piece became a basice one for creating of The Dad Butterfly ' likewise many other poems by Levertov . The anti-war movement became of the most dominating strains speaking about Levertov 's works . She got the status of crusader ' like she was called to be by a college professor . The great works of her like Sand of Well ' as well as her last works "Mass of the Moon " and "A New Flower " prove brightly that she has always been an faithful messenger of piece

To make a conclusion it is necessary to state that The Dead Butterfly ' by Denise Levertov has not become not only a one more brilliant verse by magnificent poetess but stated two principle feats of this great Woman . First she preserved and accomplished with the eternal vocation of woman to be a keeper of Love and Piece . Second , using her great talent of poetess she managed to express her vision of world in her so peaceful , so kind poems

Your high soprano sings out from just in back of me ' - this is an extract from Levertov 's A Note to Olga . This short line can be justly treated as te motto of Levertov 's life - her kind and tender essence was so strong that nothing could stop it and her marvellous poems proove that each day spreading the wonderful breathe of piece over the planet .Bibliography

Leverton , Denise . Denise Levertov 's Poems 1960-1967 . New Directions 1983

Leverton , Denise . Breathing the...

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