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Native American Dance

Native American Dances

There are many different types of dance that bring about a culture One culture who has many different types of dance that promote different aspects of the culture are the Native Americans . Native Americans use many different types of dance for many reasons . There are several types of Native American dance these include : buckskin dance , cloth dance fancy dance , gourd dance , grass dance , green corn dance , jingle dance pow

wow dance , straight dance , and traditional dance . All of these types of dance have a meaning and are full of tradition within the culture (Dances 2000

Buckskin dance is a traditional form of Native American dance that originally was reserved for women in an elite class . These women included the princesses and the ladies , who were in leadership rules however today this dance is open to all women in the tribe . The dance was traditionally a dance for Northern tribes however today it is also danced by the Southern tribes . This dance is typically done by the dancer standing in one area where one dances to a light beat of a drum The dance is known for showing dignity and grace ' There are some differences between the Northern and Southern tribes . The Northern tribes have a dance that is upbeat whereas the Southern tribes dance a much slower version of the same dance . Part of the dance is known for the dancer...

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