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dance critique

They called this music Salsa ' but they did not create the dance . The term became quite popular and influenced a variety of music made by individuals in Hispanic countries . Salsa was incorporated to Rhumba Cubop , Cumbia , Guaracha , Cha cha cha , Guajira , Bomba and Merengue

As a dance routine , Salsa is not very different from Mambo for a reason that both have a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music Several movements of the said dances are very similar and compatible In dancing Salsa , turns have become a significant characteristic , so

the overall look and feel is quite different form dancing Mambo . In Mambo one usually performs a certain step in a forward and backward motion whereas , Salsa has more of a side to side feel

Regarding Salsa patterns , the most usual one involves the use of three steps during each four beats , one beat being skipped . However , this skipped beat is frequently symbolized by a certain tap , a kick , a flick or the like . Naturally , the music involves intricate percussion rhythms and is swift with around 180 beats per minute . Salsa , as observed , is a slot or spot dance . It is not very similar to the dances called Foxtrot or Samba because in Salsa a couple does not travel over the dance floor much , but to a certain extent occupies a fixed area on the dance floor This dance is usually performed with a partner , but there are some cases that this is danced in solo

Several movies had also used Salsa as one of their themes . Such movies include a 1998 Hollywood show starring Vanessa L . Williams , Kris Kristofferson , Joan Plowright , a Puerto Rican singer nemed Chayanne and Jane Krakowski . The movie was entitled Dance with me . It was a drama film about love and dance...

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