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the cying of lot 49


Critical Literature Analysis : The Crying of Lot 49




The Crying of Lot 49 was published by Thomas Pynchon in 1966 . To summarize , the story is about a woman , Oedipa Maas , who may be discovering a centuries old argument between two mail companies , Thurn and Taxis and the Tristero . Pynchon utilizes deep insight into the direction of American society in the 1960s surrounding questions regarding human communication and human conspiracies . By placing focus on the cultural desires for sex and money in

a nation deeply engrossed in luxury and filth , Pynchon calls attention to the dark side of human relations , especially regarding the breakdown of romance and intimate communication between man and woman . Over a backdrop of drug use unethical professional practices , adultery , and the tasteless filth of meaningless sex , Pynchon carries the reader through a cynical and absurd tale of a woman chasing what may be an empty conspiracy theory


The communication in this story often revolves around meaningless activities and meaningless s . Pynchon appears to accurately nail the fact that the American culture during the 1960s was rife with confusion , rage , emptiness , splintering families , the breakdown of romance , and the lies and confusion which permeate capitalist cultures Meaningless activities such as group sex and marital infidelity surface within the novel and the life of Oedipa , just as meaningless words organizations , and symbols float around her environment and cause her such confusion . Doctors are giving drugs to patients , just as husbands...

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