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current or proposed laws that impact the delivery of human services


The purpose of law lies in the preservation of freedom and moral right in the society . The state which makes the laws and governs the people can be judged on the basis how it is giving protection to all the sections of the society including the those least able to help themselves such as the disabled , children and the elderly . It should lift the people who are in need . If the state is able to deliver these thing that one is regarded as a state with basic rules of

law and governance . The constitution is said to be efficient and effective when it allows government to protect the liberties of citizens and their lives .One of the major problem faced by the people in the developed countries is about their health insurance , lack of information about price and quality . The President of America believes that the people need reliable health care , reasonable price and high quality services President Bush has proposed an agenda to make the healthcare services more efficient and portable . The people of America should be able to choose healthcare based upon their individual needs so that they can understand the information about the quality and price of the healthcare . As far as the insurance is concerned , it should be affordable and portable . The agenda includes some important principles they are escalating health savings accounts , making health insurance more effective and portable , to make healthcare more transparent by providing much information on quality and price , to pass reforms about the medical liability , to assist Americans more efficiently

Healthcare plays a very vital role in day to day life . Among healthcare , health savings account is the one which is very important and helps public in many ways . It allows Americans to save tax free dollars which can be used for the purpose of healthcare of the individual and the companies . More than 3 million people in America has enrolled in HAS . It provides flexibility for the individuals and companies to spend their dollars on healthcare

With the help of the Agenda made by the president on healthcare , the self-employed , workers for companies those who do not offer healthcare policies and the unemployed are benefited and they get access to employer healthcare plans , for these kind of people the government has reduced the tax on paying the premiums for HSA insurance policies . For the people who are not working especially the retirees , the government provided tax free for an HSA account

The American Government enabled portable insurance Policies . By this the employees can control , own and be able to shift the policy where ever they want . Usually , the health insurance is not valid if the person shifts from one company to the other . But by this agenda , the president has permitted that the health insurance is valid across the states . The President in his Agenda has introduced Association health plans (AHPs To purchase health coverage , AHPs combine the small businesses by this the association members can...

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