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the culpability of Juveniles and should the parents be punished too


The Culpability of Juvenile in our Justice System






An alarming situation continues to threaten the modern society as the crime rate committed by youth is increasing in numbers . The age of the perpetrators of crime is going down . An efficient juvenile justice system is very important in one 's nation to ensure the protection of the young offenders

This contains a of the juvenile justice system and the procedures being followed in the juvenile courts . The also

br discusses the reduced personal culpability of young offenders under the law . The attempts to give an overview of the justice system and to describe reasons and major premises of the lessened personal culpability of the juveniles

The Culpability of Juvenile in our Justice System


The contemporary society is disturbed by the alarming increase in the number of youth who are engaged in criminal activities . In the year 2000 , there were 2 ,369 ,400 arrests recorded involving children , and 363 ,500 of these arrests were categorized as theft . The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP ) remarked that theft accounts for the greatest cause of youth arrest (Einstein Law , 2008

This particular statistic raises considerable concern from the members of the society , particularly in terms of the young children 's capability to go through a trial . The youth of today 's world are greatly different from the children before . There is this news event wherein five boys beat violently a man and his son . According the Associated Press , the boys ended up throwing sticks and stones to the man who was playing cricket with his son . The man had a fracture on his cheek , fell down had a heart attack , and died . The boys were charged and sentenced of two years in a youth detention center in England (Young , 2008

The boys were believed to be around the age of 10 to 12 years old , and it raised controversy , but the court says that they are accountable for the death of the man and that the children committed a crime (Young 2008 . The case is quite bothering as it makes one think that children can actually hurt or even kill people . The number of children who are able to preserve their innocence is going down over the round of the decade . The overall effect of the escalating rate of the number of children engage in criminal activities is quite devastating as the age of the committers of crime goes down . Its impact to the society is very disturbing

Several contributing factors in the society significantly influence children to participate in juvenile crimes . For instance , exposure to sex , violence , and other harmful materials has an effect on their viewpoint . Losing their childhood innocence and core values that should be present in them places them in a situation which they are unable to handle or manage , making them vulnerable to commit crimes (Young , 2008

One of the aspects of the...

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