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Running head : CRIMINOLOGY







There exist a significant number of people , who cause disproportionate amount of crime and as a result increase the fear of crime in addition to disorderliness in society (Suffolk county council , n .d . This calls for the implementation of proper prediction strategies for those who pose as potential threats to the safety and social well being of communities . The prolific offenders ' scheme is one of these prediction strategies , which makes it easy for local authorities and law

enforcement officers to focus their attention on those identified at local level as potential threats to the safety of the community Suffolk county council , n .d . There are however , a number of issues based on ethical and operational concerns , which affect the mode of predicting those who might be prolific offenders . Prolific offenders are a nightmare to the law enforcement agents because they prove hard to catch . With time they tend to devise strategies aimed at getting rid of factors that may lead to their identification (Rose , 2008 . It therefore , becomes hard for law enforcement officers to catch them and bring them to court . One of the ethical issues is that prolific offenders spend most of their time in and out of prison . Continued incarceration tends to harden these people making them reject all the moral standards of the society . As a result of spending their time in and out of jail it becomes hard to predict when the person will commit a crime...

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