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creative writing

A : Don 't go

B : Why ? Give me one good reason

A : I need you

B : You need me ? You need me

A : I need you

B : I heard what you said . I don 't see how you could possibly need me considering how much you 've done to try to drive me away

A : I know .but I .I didn 't .When have I not come to you when I needed you

B : Hm .let 's see

A : Don 't answer that . Don 't . I know what I 've


B : I know you know what you 've done , but part of me feels like you need reminding , just for the sake of showing you that your actions affect far more than just you

A : I know I hurt you , but

B : No

A : I just need you to understand why I did what I did . She 'd finally broken the silence , and she 'd finally broken him

B : You need me to understand ? I 'll be damned . What do I need to understand ? I 'm the victim here , and you 're trying to justify stabbing me in the back . I 'll be damned

A : Calm down . What I 'm trying to say is .what I 'm trying to say is .I guess I just had a hard time realizing that I could count on you so I went somewhere I had that feeling

B : Why

A : I know all of the things you 've told me , and I know how I felt safe with you , but my own insecurities got the best of me . I know that doesn 't make anything better , but that 's about the best way I can explain it

B : I did what I could for you , but I guess I just couldn 't do everything

A : It wasn 't you . I couldn 't have asked for anything better than what you did for me

B : I have to go

A : I know A : I 'm sorry...

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