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Paper Topic:

The content of your statement should explain why you wish to study the programme and how the qualification is relevant to your career aspirations, as well as your expectation of the programme. If applicable, provide other information (e.g. work experience

Personal Statement

I wish to study Criminology because at this stage of my life , this is the subject , which looks most intestring to me . Since I am pursuing Applied Psychology , which is interrelated to Criminology , my thirst for knowledge in this subject has increased . In fact it was during the study of Applied Psychology , that I discovered my natural inclination towards Criminology . Applied Psychology deals with different professions like management , health , education , law etc . After getting a bird 's eye view of all these fields , I found that Criminology interests me the


I always wanted to work for the society at large . By studying this programme , I am fully confident that I would gain enough insight and professional competence , which would enable me to work in any one department of my choice like police , custom , excise etc . Without studying Criminology this dream of mine cannot be fulfilled . My love for this subject has played a great role in shaping my future professional plans

Since I am currently studying Associate of Social Science in Applied Psychology , I think I already have a strong base that is required for teachers down because I am hardworking and willing to go to any length in to be able to see my professional dreams come true

Through this programme I expect to gain extensive knowledge in the subject , which is a major vehicle to my career aspirations . I expect to gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical acumen and skills that would help me to be of service to my country . I also expect to enhance my qualities like hardwork , perseverance , honesty and integrity that are extremely important for the people related to this esteemed profession

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