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content area reading

Writing Techniques

Dialogue Journal- A dialogue journal is a notebook in which students communicate with the teacher by writing entries on s of the student 's choice . The student may write at his level of proficiency , and the teacher responds the each entry according to the student 's language proficiency level . Dialogue journals are usually kept over the course of the full school year

Learning Log- A learning log is a student 's response to literature , a lesson , activity , event , or experiment . The left side of the learning log may contain

text , questions , or notes , while the right side of the log the student 's response to the entry on the left side

Double-Entry Journal- A double-entry journal is a table with two sides (or two facing pages in a notebook ) that allows students to record their response to a text as they read . The student records the parts of the text that are of interest on the left side of the journal , and they react to the text on the right side

Writing Techniques Comparison Chart

Characteristics Dialogue Journal Learning Log Double Entry Journal

Allows student interaction with teacher

x Allows student to respond to text x x

Allows student to identify areas in which he has learned and areas that need improvement



x Strategies to Help Struggling Students

1 . Word Webs- Students create a graphic web that illustrates the interrelationship between vocabulary words and familiar words and concepts . This strategy helps students in drawing connections between words with which they are already familiar and new vocabulary

2 . Visual Cues- The teacher presents a picture that corresponds to vocabulary words as they are introduced . Students may also create charts , pictures , and graphs to facilitate learning

3 . Flash cards- Students should create flash cards of new words , and the teacher should allow instruction time during which the students may use the flash cards . This allows students to learn to recognize the vocabulary word by seeing the word itself , and it also allows students to recognize the word by its definition

4 . Incorporate Outside Sources- The teacher may require that students observe outside sources , such as newss , magazines , and television news reports , and create a summary . This allows students to improve English comprehension and writing skills

5 . Partner Activities- The teacher may partner students who struggle with English with those who have stronger English skills and require the pairs to illustrate various idioms and commonly used English phrases This allows students who may commonly be confused by idioms colloquialisms , and slang phrases to practice with students who are more comfortable with these phrases ...

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