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contemporary black & white relations

Contemporary Black and White Relations

History repeats itself , they say . They say that we are all in a circle and the incidences of the past can happen again . An issue in society that has great effect on individuals is racism . The conflict between black and white span a number of years . It 's true that today , there is less discrimination compared to the turn of the century . Unfortunately

This will use James Baldwin 's essay Stranger in the Village as a guide . This is to show that despite the fact it was written

in 1955 , the occurrences in the essay and his encounters as an African-American in Switzerland is a microcosm of contemporary black-white relations

More often than not , the Africans-Americans have to prove their worth and capabilities to the white , as written by Baldwin , The smile-and-the-word-smiles with you routine worked about as well in this situation as it had in the situation for which it was designed

The problem on race cannot be solved easily and it won 't go away Throughout the decades , there is still a stereotype on color . However there is still progress . Acknowledging the steps in eradicating discrimination is heartening . This is the view of the optimists theless , there are pessimists who talk of the permanence of racism ' and that it may have transformed from what it was before (segregation , inequality ) but it will never end (Greenwood , 248

By numerous measures after World War II , the pace of the relations between black and white has changed impressively . This marks the beginning of a modern affirmative action . There are shifts in economics and demographics . There is also the desire for equality , favoring the African-Americans who at that time feel that they were often revolting against the white racial attitudes . It was a difficult road to embark on

Realistically speaking , we are not even near the end . However , there is progress and that is already impressive . Take for example the fact that black and white students can go to the same school or university Unfortunately , statistics show that there is a difference on financial aspects such as black married couples earn less than white . The progress to this is that it is only a bit less compared to before when there was a huge gap between the monthly income of the whites and the blacks

The United States is also racially integrated now than before . 70 percent of black and whites are good friends with the other race . The remainder fraction claims that they have no neighbors of the different color . If there are residential segregations in major cities , then this is taboo

Pessimists believe that there are still problems and these cannot be solved by mere traditional civil rights strategies . Affirmative action programs must aim to help the African Americans in the lower class Statistics also show that there are racial preferences in job hiring . In a conducted survey , more employers hire white high school drop-outs than black high school drop outs

Baldwin writes , I...

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