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consulting firm application

Everything that a man wishes to happen comes at the right time and with a great purpose . It is my foremost dream to be a successful consultant and give service to people who needed it the most . With the right attitude and skills , I am more than willing to take the risk and make my dream a reality come true . I have the right mindset and proper composure to guide me in my path towards success

My name is (insert your name here ) and I came from South Korea . My personal and professional

experience made me motivated to continue the quest towards my ambition in life . I am confident that I possess the necessary knowledge of a consultant based on my previous experiences . I love to travel and it gave me more advantage as I meet different people from all walks of life . After my leave of absence in the military , I began to travel to different countries like India and Japan . It was a memorable experience for me because I encountered many obstacles along the way . It made me stronger and taught me things that a good consultant should possess . I was placed in tough situations like getting lost taking the wrong train or bus and even entered a dangerous neighborhood Despite all the hardships and struggles while traveling , I learned how to maintain my composure in the middle of panic . Maintaining my composure made me survive the terrible conditions at some points of my travel . I believe I...

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