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conflict between skiers and snowboarders and both of their effects on the environment

Student X



17 May 2007

Downhill Skiing versus Snowboarding

Every winter time since the dawn of civilization man has learned two things . First , it is the time of the year when most organisms hibernate take shelter and weather out the cold wintry nights . Second , it is the time of the year when activity is restricted either due to the bulky clothes that keep people warm or the landscape covered in snow which makes it difficult to walk

One could just imagine ancient peoples snuggling in their homes

and waiting for the warmth of spring , in to come out and play . But in recent history man has learned to conquer the elements . And even if it is winter time nothing can stop them from playing outdoors . Skiing made it possible for man to conquer the elements . It is through this sport that the whole family can enjoy nature , snow , and the mountainside even if it is winter time

The popularity of the sport experienced a dramatic surge that has seen the rise of ski resorts , cable cars and fancy skiing equipment . Then the sport experienced a decline . It is at this point in when a new sport - a derivative of the downhill skiing was making waves in the back country and in some ski resorts . The alternative was a cross between surfing skateboarding and skiing . The hybrid of these three is now popularly known as snowboarding . Unfortunately , the emerging sport was not only seen as a threat but also as cheap derivative that earned the scorn of more sophisticated downhill skiers

Before going any further it is imperative to differentiate the two According to Christopher Van Tilburg the traditional way of skiing is called alpine skiing : .a fixed-heel style of skiing that most people do at resorts also called downhill skiing (p . 131 . Van Tilburg then moves on to define the alternative which he say is alpine snowboarding .a style of snowboarding that utilizes plate bindings and hard boots , and focuses on carving turns and racing (p . 131


The catfight between snowboarders and downhill skiers started when the snowboard was invented in the 1960s by a man named Sherman Poppen (Baldwin , 2006 . According to Baldwin right up until the 1970s .snowboarding was cast out into the wilds . Outlawed from almost every resort across the globe , these renegade riders were banished to the backcountry , where a hardcore few continued to develop their skills and cultivate the sport away from the limelight of the world 's groomed pistes (2006

The animosity of course stems from the fact that traditional downhill skiers belong to rich families for who can afford membership to clubs and resorts plus the purchase of expensive equipment . Another cause for the hostility is the assumption that when one is a snowboarder then he is a punk kid with no manners , love to vandalize , and love to trash talk . Traditional skiers must open their mind to the fact that snowboarders can be well refined too...

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