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Paper Topic:

6. How can we be confident that Jesus is returning?

The End of Times

It is common to go to a church and find churches where there are statues and other idols that people worship and give offering too . They do this in pretend of giving to the Lord but in real sense they are worship the devil . These are some of the things that the Bible tells us they signs of the end of times . The book of revelation , which is the last book in the Bible , has extensively covers sign that tell us about the end of the world , for instance

Revelation 14 : 9-11states that If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark , he himself shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God

The return of Jesus will be joy and triumph for the believers but for the non believers it will a day for mourning and gnashing of teeth since they will be toasted in blazing fire that will burn them forever

Summation / Conclusion

Different religions have different views and options when it comes to the prediction of the end of world and the coming back of the Lord . This is because not all of them believe in the teachings of the Christians however for Christians this is the back bone of the religion and what they believe in

Preachers will preacher , prophets will predict the past , present and future but when it comes to salvation and believes it 's the individual who decide . The coming of Jesus has been prophesized for many years however the coming of Jesus starts with the individual by accepting and believing that Jesus Christ was crucified , buried and on the third day he resurrected and ascended to Heaven

As an individual accepting Jesus as your personal savior and baptism is another way of preparing one...

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