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The concept of Delinquency

The Concept of Delinquency

It has been observed that older people constitute the least vulnerable to crime group . The reason for this is that these people are in general more cautious and have a wealth of experience to fall back upon , which serves to reduce their vulnerability to crime . Moreover , caution and fear have a profound effect on the lifestyle of these persons , which causes them to reduce their social interactions . The effect of this behaviour is to reduce the risk of crime . Further , even an insignificant crime has the capacity to

terrify and cause major physical , emotional and financial trauma for the elderly person ' This further increases the older persons ' penchant for adopting precautionary measures . The attitude of the elderly is to avoid becoming victims of crime Therefore , all these factors taken in their significantly reduce the risk faced by these senior citizens from crime .Juvenile crime results from a wide range of factors like , economic crises , political instability and the weakening of major institutions Dearth of gainful employment and low income significantly engenders criminal behaviour amongst the youth . Moreover , the rejection of normally accepted behaviour considerably enhances delinquent behaviour and socially unacceptable acts are indulged in by the juvenile delinquents . Modern society is witness to several traumatizing and destructive changes in the social reality ' and these juveniles react to these changes by engaging in rebellious , deviant or even criminal activities ' In addition , the desire to possess goods and avail themselves of services , ubiquitous advertisements , compels many juveniles to resort to crime . Another reason for delinquency is that there is in general quite some variance between one 's achievements and one 's aspirations . This often results in deep frustration and some of the young people take up criminal careers to fulfill their goals

In the urbanized countries , the crime rate is more than the countries with strong rural lifestyles and communities , because the latter have greater social control and cohesion and these are highly effective in curbing antisocial behaviour . In comparison , the formal legal measures obtaining in an urban industrialized society results in higher crime rates due to its impersonal approach to crime . Furthermore , children who are provided with adequate parental supervision are less prone to fall prey to delinquent behaviour . Finally , dysfunctional family settings - characterized by conflict , inadequate parental control , weak internal linkages and integration , and premature autonomy - are closely associated with juvenile delinquency (Juvenile Delinquency , 2003


Juvenile Delinquency , 2003 . World Youth Report , retrieved November 15 2006 from http /www .un .org /esa /socdev /unyin /documents /ch07 .pdf Delinquency PAGE 1...

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