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completing my education will allow me to achieve my dream of becoming a chef

It varies depending on the company 's line of product ' and cost-estimation (Organizational Structure , n .d . Strategy affects structure insofar as it either broadens or limits the possibilities in respect to achieving slated goals

For instance , when a company is engaged in single product line , say shoes , it is presumed that its organizational structure is commensurate to the range of the market it aims to serve . This means that the set-up of the organization can meet the demands of the market it aims to maintain . If and when the same company decides

to broaden its line of products , say venturing on various clothing lines on top of its shoe-production outfit , chances are , such move would generate correlative effects to the company 's structure . Among others , the broadening of the sales and marketing divisions are to be expected . And this means more functions , as well as more workforce more decision-makers , more overseers . Whereas before , all the company 's sales and marketing endeavors are singly focused on selling a single line of product , the introduction of new lines of product would meanwhile necessitate broadening its sales strategy

By inference , any change of strategy breeds a collateral change in structure . And this basic rule of thumb applies not only in respect to the expansion of the structure , but also to the limitation and reduction of the same . This is most seen especially nowadays , when economic slowdown forces many companies either to reduce their base-operation or merge their ventures with other companies . It seems needless to point that companies whose operations have been cut due to the economic crunch would witness a drastic change in their respective organizational structures to accommodate its increasingly depleting resources . Gone perhaps are the days when a company employs a director for sales on top of other local sales...

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