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`competitive markets, free from goverment intervention, are the best means of allocating a societys scarce resources amongst its members`

The economic problems that are plaguing the United States economy have had global repercussions , threatening to undermine the economic fundamentals of other countries . Since the collapse of the Housing market in the United States , Australia has begun to experience what some have come to call an economic recession . While it remains to be seen if the United States economy is really undergoing a recession at this point in time , this situation can be used as a great opportunity to point out the current struggles of the local economy . In light of this , it

is argued that the best solution to these problems lies in the statement that competitive markets , free from government intervention , are the best means of allocating a society 's scarce resources amongst its members

In to arrive at a better understanding of this problem , the main reasons for the collapse of the American Economy must first be examined because any solution that is provided must deal with the foundations of the problem . The fundamental flaws and structural weaknesses of the American economy are not only more visible now but also more potentially damaging . The much touted and highly publicized US 700 billion bailout plan is argued to be good for the economy as a quick fix ' to the problem yet there are a number of economists who feel that the real solution to the problem lies in establishing more solid fiscal and monetary market fundamentals

In to effectively argue which type of economic policy would...

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