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competing value leadership



Leader is someone who acts as a guide or a directing head to a certain number of individuals . Organization is an association or society of people working together to some end or common goals . An organization with an excellent leadership of a leader will surely flourish and prosper . But an ill organization due to an ineffective leadership of a certain leader or leaders will slowly bug down or value leadership should take place

CVF helped expand leadership repertoire and broaden our thinking in ways that create

more value for you and for the organization if the leader itself is open- minded in many ways . It is an imperative that leader must be a paradigm to their subordinates in many ways their organization practice and adopted . We are very aware in the first place that every members of the organization has different orientations in leadership ideals , concepts , visions and creativity style on their own . In that way , the leader of a certain organization must find ways in dealing these differences in to come up for a cohesive approach in confronting problems that affects or face by the organization . Proper approach in dealing individual members of the organization like taking a proper consensus for every critical decision making for the prosperity of the organization or in tackling impediments will sooner resulted to individual quality leadership , teamwork , team building , creative ideas innovations , unity and cohesiveness to one another . These following features can be considered superb factors for CVF . A leader must be good enough in observing how a complex society directly affects and give benefits to the organization he is handling with . A leader must be an excellent over seer . An old type of leadership follows also a traditional type of organization where the leader is the only one who thinks and plans for the entire organization . That means it is very limited in all aspects of organization management . But an excellent leadership with the competing values follows a new type of leadership where the future of a certain organization are well plan not just by the leader itself but by every ideas and concepts that comes from all individuals involve in the organization . Proper consensus of individuals concern and ideas will surely create an atmosphere of new innovations that would eventually help the organization grows . That 's where team building and team unity is born . All of these will be realize if the leader should be a good facilitator to their subordinates view points Another CVF to consider that can help expand leadership repertoire and could broaden our thinking in ways that would surely create more value for us leaders and for the organization is communication

Communications upward and downward are important clues to the ills of the organization . But a great factor also in improving the entire organization . In a traditional , authoritarian firms and leaders communications flow freely down from the chief , but upward flows of are rare and often inaccurate . Another CVF factor to consider...

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